Cottage by the Sea

 V-Ibis          By the sea....         in beautiful Cedar Key.         


Stay in a cottage where environmental impact has been considered in the choice of lighting, dishwashing detergents, interior paints, etc.  We're not yet where we want to be, but we'll be trying to make it more energy efficient and a little "brighter"  over time. Your comments will help us get there, and we appreciate your input. 

NEWS ALERT:  The cottage will not be available for at least the first half of 2016.  We are planning on some renovations which, though simple, will take time to implement.  After August 2015, you will not find V-Ibis listed on the websites we've been using to advertise it as a vacation rental.  However, we WILL keep this website so you may check back here for status if you wish.  Also, you may register as a "guest" through the Guestbook of this website if you'd like to make a comment or let us know you may be interested in being personally informed when the cottage is once again available for rental.  Thanks!  

General Introduction

This one-bedroom, one-bath cottage sits 50 feet from gulf waters on the western shores of Cedar Key, Florida.  It is on a dead-end road that borders the northern side of the small George T. Lewis Airport so it is secluded even though it is only a 10-minute bike ride into the village of Cedar Key.   Dine out in one of the wonderful restaurants or buy your own food (including fresh seafood)--and wine if you want it--for dinner at "home." 

Kayaking is fantastic.  Although you can fish from the spacious and comfortable private dock and may have dolphins come to greet you, it's still a thrill to launch into the waters yourself and explore either the island or another of the protected keys of the Cedar Keys National Wildlife Refuge.  Nick and Sandra Crowhurst have produced a lovely book which they allow you to download for FREE--"Sea Kayak Day Paddles on Florida's Hidden Coast"--to help you plan your adventures, and if you don't have a kayak...Kayak Cedar Keys is ready to provide.  Naturalists will LOVE the all inclusive Cedar Key Guide, and  Levy County's Visit Nature Coast site offers additional ways to make the most of your time in the area.  And pilots, remember you can arrange to fly in and WALK to these accommodations!  If you'd like to rent a golf cart for your time on the island, George from the Gulf Kart Company will meet you at the airport with your wheels and take you back when you're ready to depart.  You are are also welcome to use one of our bicycles.  V-Ibis has Wi-Fi so you can check weather and plan your continued adventures from right there.

Ibis in-Vee...imagine long, loose Vs of ibises scribing morning and evening skies

That is the image AND the sentiment  you'll take with you from this quiet and peaceful place that is just what a "cottage" is supposed to be. 

It's small, and it's built right on the ground at water's edge.  It's all windows where it should be all windows because when you sit inside and look out, you see-

and you also see why people come here. 

They come for the birds and the birds come for them...

In the winter...

and in the summer...


Visit the photos page for more cottage interior shots and more views from the awesome dock.